Mantova Export

Mantova Export 

Mantova Export is an import export companies association for european import export consulting. The consortium offers import-export advice, european community trademark advice, intrastat advice, european trader advice, european patent advice, global market research, information on Combined Nomenclature, and many other services.

Mantova Export, founded in 1974 in Mantova (Italy), doesn't sell on behalf of its associated companies, but helps them providing professional advice. Thanks to its great experience in import-export advice, Mantova Export is nowadays a landmark for all companies operating with foreign countries.

The service of global market research consists in evaluating potential new markets referring to single products and finding potential customers, sale agents and distributors.

The import export companies association offers to the associated companies documents for import-export, credit insurance and insurance against goods damaging risks during shipments.

Mantova Export offers european trader advice, intrastat advice, information on foreign laws, foreign trade rules, combined nomenclature and european community standards.

In the linguistic sector the consortium provides teleconference phone calls services, texts' translations into all languages and interpreting service.

The association for import & export companies is specialized also in marks and patents research, european patent advice, european community trademark information, european trademark advice, protection of registered marks and patents.

Other services offered to the associated companies are the support in the organization of fairs and exhibitions in foreign countries and the export check-up service for faults prevention in customs, tax and currency areas.