Emiliana Serbatoi

Emiliana Serbatoi

Italian company specialized in manufacture and sale of fuel tanks, diesel tanks, water tanks, liquid storage tanks, exhaust oil storage tanks, transportable fuel tanks, polyethylene water tanks, diesel fuel distributors, automatic nozzle for dispensing, fuel electronic meter, fuel transfer pumps, drum oil storage.

Manufacturers and dealers of:
- fuel tanks: transportable fuel tanks, fuel storage tanks, diesel fuel tanks, fuel oil tanks, gasoline fuel tanks, petrol fuel tanks, gas fuel tanks;
- diesel tanks: diesel storage tank, diesel transfer tank, diesel fuel tank, diesel oil tank;
- water tanks: polyethylene water tanks, water storage tanks, tanks for water transport, water holding tanks, potable water tanks, rain water tanks, waste water tanks, portable water tanks;
- liquid storage tanks: fuel storage tanks, diesel storage tanks, exhaust oil storage tanks, gasoline storage tanks, petrol storage tanks, water storage tanks;
- fuel transfer pumps, diesel fuel transfer pumps, fuel oil transfer pumps;
- diesel fuel distributors, diesel fuel dispensers;
- nozzles for dispensing: automatic nozzle for dispensing, manual nozzle for dispensing;
- fuel flow meters: fuel electronic meter, mechanical meter, pulse meter;
- ecological waste areas.