Vt Tognazzoni is an italian company specialized, since 1969, in the production of plastic articles for veterinary and sanitary use such as veterinary disposable gloves, disposable boot covers, veterinary lab coats, clothing for zootechnical use, trousers in polyethylene, boot covers for veterinary use, trousers for veterinary use, disposable aprons in polyethylene, over coats, disposable gloves in polyethylene, veterinary gloves, super sensitive veterinary gloves, veterinary examination gloves.

Vt Tognazzoni products for veterinary and sanitary use include:

>> disposable protective clothes:
- long gloves: super sensitive veterinary gloves, zootechnical gloves, polyethylene gloves, copolymer gloves, gloves “glovet”, supersensitive veterinary examination gloves, disposable gloves;
- gloves “Neck”: gloves for a full protection from the hand to the neck;
- boot covers: disposable boot covers, zootechnical boot covers, polyethylene boot covers, boots covers made of polyethylene thin type, boots covers in polyethylene thick type;
- over coats: disposable short-sleeved over coats, polyethylene over coats, long-sleeved over coats made of polyethylene with belt to be ties to the waist;
- trousers: disposable trousers made of polyethylene for veterinary use;
- aprons: disposable aprons made of white polyethylene thin type, white polyethylene thick type disposable aprons, disposable aprons made of white polyethylene hd – high density;

>> non disposable protective clothes:
- plastic over coats: polyurethane over coats with sport-sleeves;
- plastic trousers: polyurethane trousers;
- plastic aprons: white aprons made of plastic tissue, blue aprons made of plastic tissue;
- sleeves: polyurethane sleeves with elastic bands.

The high quality products of Vt Tognazzoni are available in Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United States.