Tennis Tavolo Castel Goffredo

Tennis Tavolo Castel Goffredo

Tennistavolo Castel Goffredo, is a leading company in national and international table tennis.

The sports victories record is the richest among all the Italian companies with 13 table tennis championships at Female, Male 4 League Titles with the formation and the flagship, the Women's Champions League won for 2 consecutive seasons.
This triumph has made the company known throughout the world of tennis.

Sport results have helped to increase the prestige of the Tennistavolo Castel Goffredo, whose name is now synonymous with success, professionalism and tradition.

They are the two people who have then since then represented the company, the first imposing to the attention of the whole movement of the discipline to become the first National Director and then President of Fitet (Italian Table Tennis Federation), to become the second coming the Chairman, a role he carried out with great dedication and seriousness.

Since then the whole of society takes a structure completely different from how it was meant before, mainly because thanks to the managerial skills of newcomers arriving leadership in support of new sponsors many activities including today's Tennis Tavolo Castel Goffredo that ends up becoming an integral part of company name.

The company is transformed in recent years by a professional family in the wake of a series of successes that make it a model to follow, and envy in the whole environment of table tennis.