TEC Eurolab

TEC Eurolab

TEC Eurolab is an italian company specialized in analysis and technological test of materials: failure analysis services, nondestructive tests NDT, chemical analysis of metal materials, metal materials tests, dimensional calibration services, welding certification tests, welders certifications, calibration of measurement tools, quality control and calibration services. The core activities of the laboratory are failure analysis, welding and calibration.
Laboratory's activities:

> failure analysis service: the purpose of failure analysis is to detect components' breaking causes, understand the problem and propose the best solutions to avoid the repeating of conditions that have caused the breakage. The failure analysis service for cracking causes determination is realized by highly qualified technicians such as material Engineers, Chemistry and Physics graduates;
> welding: welding certification tests and welders certifications to guarantee the standard range accordance following the quality system certification standards;
> calibration of measurement tools: the calibration centre is able to provide the inspection on length, pression, strength, hardness temperature and supply also dimensional calibration services;
> nondestructive tests NDT: non-destructive tests (NDT) or non-destructive controls (NDC), are those examinations made without destroying or taking out of samples of the examined structure;
> metal materials tests and chemical analysis of metal materials help TEC Eurolab to collect information about materials' characteristics.