Sisma Spa

Sisma Spa 

Industry in Italy specialized in the production of cotton wool pleat, make up remover cotton pads, cosmetic cotton, cotton buds, cotton balls, bath sponges, toothpicks, catering products, ironing board covers, trash bags, freezer bags, household cleaning cloths, household gloves.

Sisma industry manages production of 5 different types of products:

> cotton wool pleat: the cotton used is cotton wool pleat at 100%, bleached with hydrogen peroxide, without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives, and without the use of optical whiteners. Sisma has also launched a new cotton wool pleat product on the market, produced from naturally grown plants and harvested from cultivations that are not subject to chemical and organic treatments;

> cotton pads: thanks to their characteristics of softness and strength, Sisma make-up remover pads are definitely among the highest quality products on the market; company is proud of the innovative characteristics of its make-up remover pads and conscious of offering a product with no equals on the italian market;

> cotton buds: besides the traditional cotton buds, company has developed a line that is complete with biodegradable paper buds, in full respect of the environment, as well as a line of hydro-soluble cotton buds in mater-bi, a material for which Sisma holds exclusive rights;

> cotton balls: cotton balls Sisma are ideal for any make-up removal and daily cleaning operation;

> toothpicks: The toothpicks of Sisma Company has the Samurai trademark; besides to toothpicks, the Samurai trademark it's also present for skewers and party items.

Sisma operates in the Italian market, reaching very competitive positions also in Europe, exporting into the european and worldwide markets.

Sisma group also manages production of garbage bags, ice bags, household cleaning cloths, household gloves, ironing board covers, synthetic and cellulose bath sponges and catering products.

Sisma group assures an high level of standard production to everybody that uses its products, guaranteed by the technology levels reached, and at the same time reasonable prices, coherently with its customers' needs.