Righi srl is an italian company of Reggio Emilia, specialized in the production and sale of traditional frozen food.
The use of high quality raw materials and the careful selection of plant varieties, cheese, charcuterie, and all other components used, ensure the products high quality standards.
Righi srl with his years of experience is able to select qualified suppliers to assure their customers the best of the raw materials used in the products.
The company supplies both the large distribution channels both restaurants, gastronomy, bars, etc.  with emilian tradition frozen food  as the chizze, the fried gnocco, puff pastries, pizzas, frozen filled pasta (Ravioli and Cappelletti), erbazzone, cakes pies and savoury pies.
Passion, commitment and trust are the key resources is based on the activity of Righi, together with the courage to innovate in order to offer products of food value for all types of customers.