Pennelli faro

Pennelli faro 

Pennelli Faro S.r.l. is an internationally recognized manufacturer of brushes and accessories for fine arts and cosmetics. The Italian company works for importants fashion houses and cosmetics offering handcrafted custom brushes.

Between the customized private label lines of cosmetics brushes there are:

• face brushes
• eye brushes
• lip brushes
• nail brushes
• facial and body treatment brushes
• brushes for hair uses
• puffs and sponges
• accessories and brush holders
• children’s makeup brushes

Between the customized private label lines of fine arts there are:

• watercolor paint brushes
• brushes for oils and acrylics
• acrylic brushes
• brushes for ceramics
• restoration brushes
• gilding brushes
• effects brushes
• decoupage brushes
• decoration brushes
• brushes for writing and piping
• flat brushes

Pennelli Faro also manufactures brushes for food, such as cake design, fashion and design applications for international maison and cosmetics company, technical brushes for industry.

Pennelli Faro is also engaged in the creation, production and sale of custom brushes for:

• spa and wellness centres
• hairdressers
• schools and make-up artist
• art institutes and academies
• hobby and diy brushes
• children
• dentists
• cake design

This Italian company exports all over the world the true Made in Italy brush entirely custom and hand made in a traditional way.