Italian manufacturing industry of sponges for home cleaning and body care: massage mitts and sponges, bath sponges, sponges for personal hygiene and skin care, sponges for home cleaning and for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, accessories for eco-friendly house cleaning, car sponges, household products.

The range of products includes massage sponges, ergonomic bath sponges, exfoliating sponges, scrub mitts, sponges with aromatherapy essences, makeup pads, makeup removal pads, sponges for home cleaning and kitchen and bathroom cleaning, microfiber cloths, abrasive sponges, cloths for floor and glass cleaning, car sponges and car cloths.

 The Martini Spa Beauty collections of sponges and mitts for scrub and massage are created for personal body care and are made of innovative materials that cleanse the skin in a gentle way, giving a vital and glowing appearance.

The Martini Spa Home collections are increasingly developing environmentally friendly features, for green and modern house cleaning, with natural end eco-friendly high-performance materials, and with attention to green packaging.

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