Finland Philosophy

Finland Philosophy 

Finland Philosophy is a project of Synthesis di Aiselli A. & C, a company that sells Harvia saunas and all sauna accessories.

Built in the march of 1998, Synthesis di Aiselli A. & C. sas, is an international trade Company engaged in the distribution of high brand products, which find application in several fields as beauty & slimming centers, gymnasiums, hotels, suites, and all is concerned with beauty, sport, health & wellness.

Finland Philosophy sells saunas made by Harvia, brand known and appreciated by professionals of wellness centers, hotels, spas, beauty institutes. Harvia is considered the creator of the modern Finnish sauna; it produces saunas for commercial use and also for domestic use.

Finland Philosophy sells saunas for outdoor and indoor that can be customized to meet customer needs. The company sells also sauna products such as stoves and control units, steam and woodburnig stoves, and sauna accessories.

Finland Philosophy catalogue includes also the new product Vibrosaun, a treatment that gives relaxation and removes toxins by means of wasting exceeding liquids. Vibrosaun stimulates metabolism through the burning of fats and aids the stability of the mind.

Harvia, a solid family company operating in Muurame, central Finland, has manufactured sauna heaters for nearly 60 years and today is one of the leading sauna manufacturers in the world. Finland Philosophy, thanks to Harvia products, spread throughout the world the spirit of the traditional Finnish sauna, one of the most ancient, natural and effective way to get psychological and physical relaxation.