Demi Art

Demi Art is the e-shop selling online fine wood carvings made in Val Gardena by master Karl Demetz, historical figure in the art of wood carving and craftsmanship. In the online shop Demi Art there is a rich catalog of statues, figurines and other wooden items hand finished by skilled wood sculptors from Val Gardena, Italy.
The catalog Demi Art proposes the sale of the following wooden works:

- Wood carvings of angels
- Wood carvings of Madonnas
- Wood carvings depicting Christmas decorations (stars, Santa Claus)
- Wood carvings of male Saints
- Wood carvings of female Saints
- Wood carvings of patrons
- Wooden statues of half length portraits
- Wooden statues and carvings of profane art (crafts, sports, children)
- Wood carvings suitable for interior design
- Wood carvings of sacred art, suitable for churches, monasteries and religious institutions (holy water fonts)
- Wood carvings of animals and flowers
- Wooden objects (wooden pedestals, wood carvings, wood accessories and protections)
- Wooden clocks and cuckoo clocks
- Wooden crosses (crucifixes with corpus and crosses without corpus)
- Wooden cribs
- Huts and wooden crib accessories

Demi Art wood carvings bring serenity and comfort in living spaces through the heat from the wood and the smooth line drawn by the master sculptor. Demi Art wood carvings are excellent gift ideas for Christmas and to remember loved ones.

On you can request the creation of custom wood carvings. A Demi Art custom wood carving becomes something unique and inimitable, a real work of wooden art.

On there is all information about the art of wood carving and painting, with a section on frequently asked questions about wood carving, and another section of the glossary of this own particular artistic technique of Val Gardena.