The ISO 9001 certified food company food products are grouped into some lines of production:

> cooking line: chicken broth cubes, classic stock cubes, seasoning cubes, meat broth cubes, vegetable broth cubes, mushroom broth cubes, chicken instant granular broth, cubes for organic meat broth, italian pizza mix, mashed potatoes, jam mix, sodium bicarbonate;
> pastry line: cake baking powder, baking powder for biscuits, raising agent for pizza, dried brewer's yeast, potato starch, vanillin, flavours, icing sugar, maize starch, cake gel, cocoa powder, custard;
> beverage line: instant drink powder, lemon tea instant powder, peach tea mix, mint tea mix, orange tea powder, instant green tea, chocolate drink mix, decaffeinated instant tea, cappuccino powder;
> cake line: instant cake mix, italian cake mix, country cake mix, sponge cake mix, organic cake mix, fruit cake mix, yogurt cake mix, wholemeal cake mix, pancakes mix;
> dessert line: chocolate pudding mix, vanilla pudding mix, coffee pudding mix, fruit pudding mix, macaroon dessert mix, chocolate dessert mix, vanilla dessert mix, caramel creme, panna cotta, tiramisu, catalan crème.

The certified italian food industry Cleca offers to all mix for easy and quick cake making, pudding making, panna cotta making, crème caramel making, italian pizza making, chicken broth making.

The food company, which has its seat in Italy, in the province of Mantua, produces all the ingredients normally used for the preparation of cakes, puddings, italian pizza, chicken broth soup, respecting all european quality norms.

Cleca is specialized, since 1939, in the manufacture of chocolate pudding, pudding mix, caramel crème, chocolate dessert mix, vanilla dessert mix, instant cake mix, italian cake mix, cake baking powder, stock cubes, chicken broth cubes, italian pizza mix, agent raising for pizza.